Complete Interior Detail

Duration 1 day

  • $250-$400+
  • 2 the Last Detail


> *Interior only detail" available for $50+/month after purchase. A complete interior detail is a meticulous cleaning of every crevice, corner, edge and seam to like-new condition. It starts with vacuuming and high pressure air blown to remove dust/dirt. Then, all plastics, leathers, seats, floors, and doors are cleaned appropriately. Using professional detailing tools like a steamer and hot water extractor, in combination with bright LED lights, 2tLD is able to reach the extra things that are commonly missed such as: fine dust/dirt, hidden stains, headliners, seat belts, cargo areas, under and between seats, or smudges that are hard to see. A complete interior detail also includes a complimentary hand wash, door jambs detailed, and all glass polished. *Large and extra contaminated/neglected vehicles require additional charges. *Vehicles that have not been properly maintained including; deep stains, odor, pet hair, smoke/vape, trash, sand, spills, etc. may require an additional charge.

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