2 the Last Detail

Duration: 1-2 days

  • Starts at $700
  • 2 the Last Detail


A Complete Interior Detail; a meticulous cleaning of every crevice, corner, edge and seam to like-new condition. It starts with vacuuming and high pressure air blown to remove dust/dirt. Then, all plastics, leathers, seats, floors, and doors are cleaned appropriately. Using professional detailing tools like a steamer and hot water extractor, in combination with bright LED lights, 2tLD is able to reach the extra things that are commonly missed such as: fine dust/dirt, hidden stains, headliners, seat belts, cargo areas, under and between seats, or smudges that are hard to see. A complete interior detail also includes a complimentary hand wash, door jambs detailed, and all glass polished. *Large and extra contaminated/neglected vehicles require additional charges. An Exterior Detail; hand wash plus wheels and tires safely cleaned with chemicals or steam. Iron remover and claybar treatment to remove embedded dirt from the paint. Ceramic wax applied to all painted surfaces including door jambs. Plastic trim and chrome shined. All glass polished. *Large vehicles with bugs, tar, mud, sap, fallout, overspray, etc., require additional charges. A Paint Enhancement; whether you call them swirl marks, micro scratches, oxidation, or you've had enough of the local car wash, there comes a time in every vehicle's life where it needs a paint correction. Or in simpler words, your car's paint needs to polished! We offer single to multi stage paint corrections that fit each vehicle's needs and expectations. With experience in wet sanding, rotary buffing, and high end paint restoration, we can help your vehicle look better than new! An Engine bay detail, and your satisfaction guaranteed!

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